24 May 2010

Day 8: Yuko, Once Again

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Tom would come back home at around 6, not very audibly but loud enough that I would notice him stumble into his futon and go right to bed. I would wake up around 8 and despite doing my best to keep myself busy, I would be forced to wake him up around 930, mainly because the maids were starting to go through the rooms and also because we had a relatively full day of Tokyo planned, Tom’s last full day in Japan.

Despite only having a few hours of sleep post clubbing, Tom was raring to head out to Akihabara and our first stop along the way would be a maid cafe, the same one I went to with Ajay two years ago. I even had the foresight to bring back my maid cafe card (they give one out to everyone who visits, relax) for this visit. Luckily, there would be no line this early on a Sunday so we got in without trouble, where Tom was treated to the full maid cafe experience. Magical chanting before serving drinks, drawing pictures in ketchup on our food and overall just being so cute. Tom would eat it up, so much that he forked over 500 yen for a photo with a maid (which they hold a premium since you can’t take pictures inside the place).

Tom’s appetite for cuteness satsified, we would wander a few random stores in Akihabara before Tom would meet up with his hostel friend, at which point I decided to separate and go on my own around Akihabara for a bit. In addition, I was able to set up a last minute meeting with one of my Tokyo friends in Roppongi. She wanted to meet at the Ritz Carlton, 45th floor lounge, which I figured (and was) to be very fancy. Taking a glance at the high tea menu and prices I was a little worried but was relieved to discover she only intended we have a pot of tea, not a whole high tea set.

We enjoyed a nice 2 hour talk, sipping tea, catching up, talking about relationships. I was worried we wouldn’t get a chance to meet, but was glad to have the chance, things just happened to fall into place. After Roppongi I would go back to Akihabara to meet with Tom and then we went out to Shinjuku to meet with Yuko, one of my old tutors from Tsuru. She was now working in Tokyo and was gracious enough to give some of her time to us for dinner. We were both aching for food since we had only had rather scarce (but cute) maid cafe food. Yuko would arrive at the station (a feat in itself, Shinjuku being one of the busiest stations in Tokyo) and we would head out to a nearby izakaya to catch up and eat and drink. I had a good time catching up with Yuko while Tom informed her of our travels together in Japan. After a few yakitori, sashimi and drinks (including a delicious Calpis Sour), me, very eager to continue the ramen streak, headed out for a ramen place near Shinjuku station where I got a small bowl (like, mini size), but that was still too much for my stomach so I gave about half my share to Tom. Nonetheless it counted for me and I kept my ramen streak in place.

Yuko would leave back for home after ramen, she unfortunately had to work the next day, but me and Tom would go back to Asakusa to rest up. Tom spent the rest of the night trying to fit his Akihabara gifts into a box, getting ready for his trip to Korea. For my own part, I had to think about my trip out Ito and Saori in the next day.

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