6 March 2013

Oh, hello there

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I wasn’t even sure at first if I still had this place up. I felt like I paid the renewal for the domain/storage but because it was probably so easy to do (check this box, click this button, etc) it was quite forgettable. In any case, my web presence remains, albeit quite obviously neglected.

It’s not to say there haven’t been stories of interest, but most of the time it’s just better told on my Facebook page with fancy pictures to go along with it. Pictures are worth a thousand words after all. Most blogs I’ve been seeing from people nowadays have been mainly just of people’s meals, which really, is something that is now just better left to Instagram.

I haven’t been finding a lot of the inspiration to go out and blog about things. Even if I wanted to do a food blog, I don’t nearly cook enough or have enough fancy food places to make such a venture worthwhile. And while I feel this blog was supposed to be mainly for personal entries, my daily life isn’t nearly as dramatic as it used to be (or as dramatic as I self-perceived it). I’ve found (and unfortunately re-read a little bit) that a lot of my writing passion comes from those kind of moments. My life (for the better, I feel) has fallen into a routine. Teaching in Japan and having a stable life has been great, although there’s only so much you can say about teaching in Japan that hasn’t already been said (and even harder when you can’t take too many pictures of the students themselves).

But that’s a personal block that I’m going to try and get over. I’d like to try blogging again to just get back in the flow of writing and hopefully maybe some people out there will find what they read somewhat interesting. The reason we have so many people putting up posts about food they’ve had is because they have something they want to say and really don’t care if you like it or not. They’re taking time to put it up and then hey, maybe they’ll get an audience and some comments out of it. Nothing wrong with that. So I’ll go ahead, put up some posts, see what sticks, and maybe it’ll be for the best.

That being said, in regards to what’s going on now, I’m about a halfway through what has become a three year stay in Japan. I like to think of it as just one long consulting project. You’re here to do a job for a certain amount of time whereupon you’ll go back and figure out your next steps. But stay tuned for those posts of “what the hell will be those next steps” sometime later this year. Let me at least get to my two year anniversary later this summer.

Graduation season has arrived and the junior high students are almost on their way out. This is a group that I had over a year to get to know and am definitely closer with than with last year’s group (just because of time spent with them, last year’s group was perfectly fine too). It will be definitely be a different school without them there in April. But from the surprising number of last year’s students who came by just yesterday (high school has already started their break) I figure that some of them will still be stopping by through the next school year.

And as part of my efforts to get back to America more often, I’ll be taking a week trip back to SF during my spring break. No real plan, other than to enjoy life in a place where I don’t always have to pull out my dictionary to know what’s going on.

I may need a primer on what’s popular though (it took awhile for “Call Me Maybe” to make it over here).

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