30 July 2009

Superfly – やさしい気持ちで (Yasashii Kimochi De)

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It’s scary how much music can envoke feelings in people. Case in point, I was just (as always) wandering around the internet and saw this relatively new Japanese song pop up. I had never really listened to Superfly before, but desperate for something new (as I had been listening to Wonder Girls for the good part of the week) I clicked on it anyway.

Within the first few seconds of the song, I immediately knew that I had heard the song before. It brought back a heavy feeling of nostalgia, almost to the point where you just lose focus of where you are and what you’re doing.

What was bringing this feeling around? I had to find out. Within moments I found my answer on Japanese wikipedia, it was a theme song for a morning TV show in Japan. I must’ve been exposed to it over and over when I was waking up during my last trip in May and while it was catchy then (TV theme songs usually are/have to be) I didn’t care enough to remember what it was after the show finished to actually look up who did the song.

At least until today. And I wasn’t even thinking about it. But listening to the song brought back a flood of all the good times I had during my trip, and by extension, all my time in Japan, including my time abroad. And of course, the decision I made to stay and work here for a year as opposed to working in Japan.

Heavy stuff from just a 4 minute song.

In any case, here it is, take a listen if you wish! (And man, that instrumental riff, doesn’t it sound like the perfect way to start your morning?)

Superfly Official Site
Superfly (English Wikipedia)

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