20 December 2009

The Blizzard of 2009

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Gotta love the timing on this, as I leave San Francisco, which had been mired in rainy and cold days, I land in DC and by the weekend, it gets hit by a historic December storm, which dropped 16 inches of snow on the DC area. By the way, the Bay Area is enjoying sunny 60 degree days in my absence. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In any case, my time back in Maryland has been relatively quiet. With no real project to work on, my days consist of waking up at 12PM (I have made no efforts to adjust to East Coast time) and playing PS3, browsing the internet, and trying to catch whatever TV shows the digital signal would like to show me. By the way, I’m convinced now that the switch to digital was a conspiracy by our cable and satellite providers because I seem to get nothing worth watching. Sad times.

While Saturday was nice and beautiful to see the snow continually fall on the already white ground, everyone had to deal with the unfortunate side effect of snow, which is that it needs to be cleared out. And that means, shovel time! So while Saturday was spent watching TV reports (basically you couldn’t nor shouldn’t have gone anywhere during the worst of the snow storm), Sunday was spent mostly outside trying to clear a path through the soft snow. Yes, it’s soft now, but if you were lazy and did nothing about it, the snow could easily freeze over and make any attempt to go anywhere on Monday just plain old horrible. So better to do it now rather than try and wait for Mother Nature to do its part and melt the snow away.

With the weather forecast saying that we might have more snow later this week, we had to take to the shovels now lest we truly be dug under.

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