22 December 2009

New License

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Well, I finally managed to get out of the house. News had been reporting the main roads were relatively clear so I wanted to go out and get my new MD license. When I applied for California license, they had the foresight to punch a hole in my old MD one so that it “expire” when I get my new CA license.

Several weeks later, I am still waiting for my CA license to show up at my apartment so I decided I might as well get an unpunctured MD license so I wouldn’t raise any suspicion when driving on the CA roads (I’m sure the police would know what is up with the hole punched license).

Thanks the snow, most people didn’t put down “going to the DMV” as a high priority on their minds (in fact most people took to the malls to catch up on holiday shopping they couldn’t do over the weekend) so the whole license retrieval process took 10 minutes end to end. And wisely, MD has printers at the office so there’s no need to wait by your mailbox. They print your license for you on the spot. If CA is so great how come they can’t figure that out?

One goal for my time back complete! Now to try and find time to upgrade my old Verizon phone (the Razor has gotta go).

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